About FidTech Partners

Fiduciary Technology Partners (“FidTech Partners”) was founded on 2004 with the sole purpose of providing technology and operations solutions to the Philanthropic, Public Charities community.

FidTech Partners particular emphasis is on Faith Based Foundations, Community Foundations and Financial Institutions national foundations.

Combining backgrounds in financial services, technology and planned giving, FidTech Partners provides to close to 100 multi-size charities clients with a comprehensive menu of technology solutions and optional back-office fulfillment services, allowing them to reduce overhead, scale profitably, and focus their own resources on their core philanthropic mission.

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"We are committed to our Client's success and proud to support them as they add so much value to so many communities and causes. The team at FidTech Partners strives everyday to service our Clients in the best possible way."

Sam Whittle, CEO

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