Faith Based Foundations

Serving faith-based foundations, our technology and services assist our clients to deliver on their faith driven values and mission.

Support your community goals by trusted technology

PGFundConnection integrated accounting and philanthropic management software, delivers donors unparalleled transparency and engaging experience. Our technology and Services assist faith-based organizations to inspire by their values, care for people in need locally and around the world. Together, faith-based foundations build upon and ensures a vibrant world for future generations.


"For nearly 15 years the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh has been utilizing the PGFundConnection software and the back office services. During this time we have successfully grown by ~400%"

Milo Averbach, CFO Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

FidTech's Value to Faith Based Foundations

Similar to public charities, our PGFundConnection and DonorSphere technologies, plus a set of optional Back-Office Service Bureau services, we deliver a significant value to Faith-Based Foundations.

Our technology is web-based and a relational database driven (Micrsoft SQL server).

Our solutions deliver the following major functions: